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Progress Solar Solutions™, LLC, founded in 2008, is a privately-held small business located in Raleigh, NC. The company has evolved into the pioneers, market-share leader and manufacturer of Progress Solar™ Light Towers, Progress Solar/Wind™ Light Towers and more recently Progress Solar/Hybrid-Ready™ and Progress Solar/Hybrid™ Light Towers (with diesel or dual-fuel units (propane and gas)). This product range is the largest selection of towable outdoor lighting systems (light towers, light plants, light carts) powered by renewable energy (sun and wind power) and the only range that enables use anywhere including the extremes from desert heat to arctic cold, depending on the model selected. The systems are modular and we can add options to customize units as needed for any industry and any application. Patents pending.

In addition, the company manufactures portable Progress Solar™ Surveillance/Security Camera systems and portable Progress Solar/Wind™ Generators as well as fixed, pole-mounted solar street, parking and area lights. Services include installation of Solar Electric (photovoltaic) systems. Experience includes ground or roof mount solar installations (fixed and tracking systems) and a specialty in portable solar applications.

Progress Solar has expanded its manufacturing capabilities and produces 100% in its U.S. facilities. Progress Solar is a preferred or approved vendor for the top U.S. Equipment Rental Companies and has units at the Pentagon, each Department of Defense and Homeland Security. The Progress Solar and Solar/Wind Light Towers resemble a traditional portable diesel light tower, but are designed to operate on renewable energy eliminating or minimizing the use of fossil fuels or generation of carbon emissions. The light plants can be powered a number of ways. They are powered primarily by two on-board solar power generators (for redundancy and reliability) and an optional wind generator housed above the LED flood lights. And for further redundancy and as a backup, the large battery bank stores numerous days of lighting (now up to 55 hrs reserve run time without solar) and can always be charged via an onboard dual-bank AC power charger, if ever needed. We also have solar/hybrid units with onboard back-up generators.

Progress Solar products have been proven effective and cost-efficient in every category and application portable outdoor lighting is required. We have a product range and options that enable use year-round, dusk-to-dawn in essentially any environment including desert heat and arctic cold weather conditions. We can provide detailed performance calculations and return-on-investment calculations to accurately recommend the proper solution for any application. We value our customers and stand behind the quality and outstanding warranty of our products.

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